• GET CREATIVE: Customize your rectangular photo frames with your favorite moments, draw, paint, color or glue... use inspirational stickers, letters, photos, souvenirs, etc. for customizing and making every moment worth saving. These bulk unfinished wood picture frames are perfect for arts and crafts.
  • DIY: Use it to decorate your home, paint it to match the colors in your home, make your paintable hobby frames look expensive with your own ideas, and hand skills. Put yourself to the test and see your limits.Great set as framin tools .
  • VERSATILE: Use it for an arts and crafts class with your students, adults can enjoy creating their own memorabilia corner with the colors, themes, concepts they prefer to see in their memories. The plexiglass, plastic clear frame will not break when you drop your frame on the floor. You can safely use it for years to come.
  • INEXPENSIVE: Get more for your buck, these unfinished photo frames are a lot less expensive when compared to finished frames but you also have the opportunity to design these frames yourself, make your budget and yourself happy.
  • EVENT PLANNER? Use these frames for table settings and signs at weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, bridal showers, and many more. These would blend in with any decoration and you can customize it to match the theme of your party.
  • CLASSROOM TEACHER? Use these frames for special days, arts and crafts, make your students create gifts for their loved ones, these would be perfect for mother's day, father's day, or other special days and events.
  • FUNCTIONAL: You can mount these rectangular frames vertically or horizontally on the wall or let it free stand on your desk, credenza, media stand, etc. for you to look at your moments and reminiscense about the past.
  • SIMPLISTIC: Lock your most treasured memories in your favorite photo frames, customize these wholesale wood craft photo frames with your favorite paints, markers, stamps, stickers, and foam crafts so that these frames become your favorite.
  • DECORATING MADE EASY: Create a memorabilia corner, decorate your walls, desk, buffet, credenza with photos of your favorite moments, and customize it to blend in with the decor of your home.
  • THE WHOLESALE 4X6 UNFINISHED SOLID WOOD PHOTO FRAMES WILL HELP YOU TO: Use it for arts and crafts, new DIY ideas, classroom activities, event planning and coordinating, memorabilia, photo collage, mount it on the wall or let it free stand vertically or horizontally.
Material: Solid Wood
Color: Natural Unfinished Wood
Dimensions: Each Frame Fits a 4x6 Photo
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20 4x6 Natural Unfinished Wood Photo Frames